Author's Bio

I've completed my Masters Degree in Professional Counseling December of 2008.  Considering I was a poor student in High School who could barely finish, I couldn't be more proud of myself in my accomplishments since High School.  I graduated in 1991 with an undergraduate degree in political science and completed an internship working in Washington D.C. with the Federal Government which was truly rewarding experience.  


In graduate school I completed my internship at a hospital for people with addiction and mental health issues.  The overall experience of counseling was rewarding as well.  Truthfully I learned more from working with the patients then the staff.  Particularly the adolescents, because their motivation to heal can be facilitated easier then working with adults who are complacent to change.


Writing this book "Neuroscience, Psychic Change and the Metaphysical was not difficult to write because I always wanted to write my own testimony which is in the beginning of the book.  The second part of the book is about "Psychic Change" or being spiritually delivered with a renewed heart, mind, body and soul.  The solutions offered in this book are practical for anyone dealing with poor mental health and addiction can achieve complete health and wellness.  The insight offered is based on my own shared lived experience in our recovery.  God Bless to all of you...